Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Shark NV501 Review

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Friday, December 27, 2013

Tips to Answer Job Interview Questions

Any job seekers will not waste opportunity to show their personal and professional qualities in an interview. However, many use dishonest ways by making up standard responses for various job interview questions and memorizing smart, often pretentious answers to impress the prospective manager. However, those tactics will only make you look fake and dishonest. A prospective manager can always tell whether someone is genuine or not in an interview.

Being honest is the best way to win a hiring manager’s heart in an interview. However, you need to be honest in a smart way. You must know how to elaborate your answers well, in good and smooth way that will leave positive impression to the prospective manager.

Tips to Answer Job Interview Questions Honestly

Here is how you can answer job interview questions honestly and smartly at the same time:

  1. Learn about possible questions the hiring manager will ask, and try to answer them well. Hiring manager will be likely to ask about your job experiences, accomplishments, reasons of resign and such. Rehearse answers for these questions so you will not be surprised.
  2. Prepare yourself well; it will help you to be ready for anything that will come in the interview. Sleep early the night before interview, prepare your interview outfit in advance and come early, at least 10 minutes before the interview. With well preparation, you will be able to think more clearly when answering job interview questions.
  3. Do not hesitate to show your positive accomplishments and personality bits, if you think they are relevant with the position. Tell about your past projects, achievements and even organizational experiences that will make your resume standout.

Remember, being spontaneous and smart when answering job interview questions is better than pretending to be a model employee with answers that you just memorized from some old interview books.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Five Resume Guides for Successful Job Searching

When you are applying for a job, remember that you face hundreds of people who are also looking for a job. It means that there are hundreds of resumes waiting for the hiring manager on his or her desk. If you do not follow a distinctive resume guide, your resume will be grouped on other, equally unimpressive resumes and it lessens your chance to get the position.

Since your resume describes everything about your qualifications and expertise, you must write it in an outstanding and unique way. Therefore, your resume can instantly catch attention and separate you from other applicants who probably just send some standard resumes.

5 Points of Resume Guide

Here are 5 important points of resume guide that will separate your application from others:

  • Be Honest about Your Accomplishments

Always avoid over bragging or putting up accomplishments that you do not have. Remember, every hiring manager does cross checking to ensure whether you are honest or not. It is best to write resume properly and prepare for good interview answers than lying.

  • Edit and Proofread

Avoid making so many grammatical errors and ineffective sentences in your resume, because it shows poor communication skill.

  • Create Relevant Keywords

Common resume guide often forgets to include this; writing the right keywords in the resume is important because modern system makes your resume grouped under certain favorable keywords. The keywords are usually related to the name of position and the name of the company.

  • Write All Your Related Accomplishments

Do not hesitate to write all your previous accomplishments, skills and experiences related to the position you apply. They will help in boosting your credentials and making the hiring manager consider calling you.

  • Avoid Unnecessary Information

Related to previous points, refrain from writing irrelevant accomplishments, hobbies and other information, as they will reduce your chance to win the position.
If you are not sure about doing this resume guide right, you can ask for help from professional resume writing service to help you.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

How to Make Cover Letter that Shows Your Quality

Making a cover letter is something that many books and websites discuss about, but what if your cover letter is deemed too generic and even uninteresting? That means disaster, and that might be because you are too depending on standard cover letter and resume templates that are widely available. Professional resume writer and expert Leslie Stevens-Huffman provide 3 important keys to pay attention to in creating a modern cover letter that will really show your value.

Be More Attentive to Company’s Needs

When creating a cover letter and resume, avoid copying from standard templates and do your own research. Read about the company you are applying to, including its progress and newest projects for the past couple of years. Even though you are not an expert resume creator, make sure you make the employer see that your skills, experiences and expertise will contribute to the company’s most current needs.

Think about Your Past Accomplishments

Speaking about accomplishments, they are not just about big accomplishments that result in millions of dollars sales or something like that, but they can also be about your reputations. For example, look back at your past companies, including the ones where you spent most years. Think about reasons why your past employers kept you in those companies for so many years.

Describe your positive attitude, reputation and positive impressions you earn from customers and team members. Describe how your past actions produced positive results and increased profits. For example, tell about sales progress that your team made under your charge.

Describe Your Standout Qualities

An expert resume creator will urge you to describe your positive qualities, but they are not just about things like “discipline, honest and hard working.” Your positive qualities must be about something that made you standout and performed best in your past works. For example, you may want to describe about the absence of customer complaints during your time as a sales manager, because you are able to understand what customers expect.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Keys to Create Executive Cover Letter for Resume

Most of you already know how to create a regular cover letter and resume, but writing an executive cover letter is slightly different. An executive level position is very important, so you need to be more cautious about what to put in that letter. Executive cover letter is so important that even many employers read those letters themselves, so you never know what a good cover letter can bring you. Do not jeopardize your chance to get an executive-level position by not planning your cover letter well. Here are some tips to create a cover letter for an executive level position.

Cover Letter for Resume

Many CEOs and employers like reading cover letter for resume, because cover letter shows the true color of a prospective employee. The way you explain your objectives in a cover letter can become the matter of life and death in executive job seeking. A cover letter contains explanations about your accomplishments and expertise, and you can also describe your ROI and other important information in practical way.

If you know that your letter will be read directly by the employers, make them impressed with lists of the company needs based on the trends, and what you can contribute to help them reach these goals and fulfill these needs.

Cover Letter as Personal Introductions

What if the letter will be read by recruiter or hiring manager? An executive cover letter should be short. It only contains all the important tidbits about your skills, job experiences and accomplishments. However, that does not mean that the letter should be too simple. You can also put some introductory lines in the letter, something that is usually not included in the actual resume. There are two different ways in writing executive cover letter; one is for recruiter and one is for the CEO or boss, so think about how you will write your cover letter.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Benefits of Writing Thank You Letter after Interview

When an interview process is over, all you have to do is waiting. However, you still can increase your chance to be hired by writing thank you letter after a job interview. This is a simple, well-meaning gesture, which has lost its meaning in this fast-paced era. Therefore, it can make you standout and show that you are a thoughtful person who takes time to express gratitude. Even if you are not hired, you will still be remembered as an applicant with thoughtful intention.

Thank You Letter and Positive Impression

Writing a thank you letter to a hiring manager who interviewed you should be in a written form, if possible. It will show personal gratitude and your enthusiasm about working in the company. You can mention about how much you appreciate the last job interview call, for example:

“Thank you for the opportunity of job interview last Monday. I really appreciate that you took time to consider my application, and our conversation has made me more interested about the position. I would love to discuss further about possibilities in contributing my skills for the company.”

Thinking it is still too flat? Add some of your personal styles, such as these:

  • Mention some topic that you and the hiring manager talked about specifically in the interview, such as the latest company sponsored events or even sport events you both watched. This will add some personal touch to the letter and make you remembered by the hiring manager. Just make sure it does not sound too casual.
  • Always maintain the professional and polite air in your sentences. They will really show your class as a high quality prospective employee among the other job seekers.

Even if you are not hired, you will still get good response from the hiring manager. However, a polite thank you note can open more opportunities for you after job interview than if you just wait for the response call.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Tips to Create Professional, Straightforward Resume

When you are writing a resume, you want the hiring manager to understand why you are the right person for the job. Unfortunately, many job seekers turn their resumes into places to brag about accomplishments without showing professionalism. Great resume format must be straightforward, showing your past relevant experiences and expertise in an easy-to-read way.

The key to make professional resume format is using action verbs when describing experiences and job descriptions. In addition, you must use tangible information about your accomplishments and previous works to give relevant information. Here are resume tips to create professional, clean and straightforward resume, with effective action verbs.

Sample 1: Bad and Pretentious Explanation

Imagine you were applying for training and development officer in a company, and you wanted to describe your past accomplishments in the resume. Do not write your past accomplishments like this:
“My job as a training and development officer was creating a thorough training program for both new and old employees, to comply with the company’s goals. I also conducted periodical training and test to the employees, and made reports about the training progress and results to the manager.

This resume format is not only hard to read, but it also sounds pretentious and shows that you are an ineffective person, with poor communication skill in professional field.

Sample 2: Clean, Straightforward and Tangible Explanation

Let’s see the same explanation about training and development officer job descriptions, but in more straightforward way:
My previous accomplishments as training and development officer consist of:

  • Creating training program and module for new and old employees
  • Increasing employees’ work efficiency in …percents within a year
  • Reducing the occurrences of employees’ non-disciplinary conducts in….percents within a year
  • Making training and evaluation reports for the manager

The second example is clearly more professional, precise and standout. So, follow these resume tips to attract the attention of hiring manager instantly.